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Contact: Jim Marcoullier

Romeoville, IL
Romeoville, IL 60446
(630) 847-7715

Installation of home theaters, distributed audio, distributed video, computerized lighting, and other home automation from entry level to the most sophisticated. Awesome home theater systems starting under $2000 (less television).

Building a new home, adding to an existing, or planning a home theater?

It is common today to integrate lighting, HVAC, motorized shades, security, cameras, motorized windows and audio and video entertainment into a seamless package. Access and control of these systems is via intuitive in-wall LCD touch screens and your internet phones or tablets.

In the short time since I founded the company in 2003, , I have experienced a dramatic change in the implementation of this automation. Several rack mounted computers and bulky in-wall monitors are now replaced with a central processor and minimalist touch screens and keypads. Products today are technically sophisticated, programming intuitive, and communication available to all devices via iDevices..

Page thru this website to discover your options. I ask for an opportunity to meet with you to discuss your project. I will then implement a plan to turn your new home or theater into a tailored, comfortable, energy efficient space with an automation infrastructure that will serve you well into the future.

For those of you preferring to do it yourself, we stand buy to answer your questions and to provide you pricing .