Testimonials from our Trading Partners

Barter won't make a bad business a good business, but it can make a good business a great business and a great business an excellent business. The quality of members in Art of Barter seems to be the best of any of the barter companies in the Chicago area. I have been trading since 1984 and have found the quality of Art of Barter members to make excellent trading partners.

Dr. Steven Pritkin, Lake Zurich Animal

Of their many strong points, AOB is known for personal contact with its members. John often says “owners talk to owners differently than they talk to clerks or customers. AOB has developed a family of business owners and I like that. Since joining in 2012, AOB has brought me new customers that generated enough business so I could have my house painted, install new ceramic tile, get new window blinds, keep all my vehicles in good repair, and even buy a great pick-up truck. Thousands of dollars of new business and thousands of dollars saved. Barter works if you use it for what its good at. AOB focuses on what works best for its members.

James Martin, BASE Productions

I have been a member of AOB since 2004 and use barter instead of cash for so many things it's become an indispensable part of my Chiropractic practice. Every business benefits by getting new customers. Over the course of a year, a new patient can be worth thousands of dollars to me. AOB brings me new patients I would not have had otherwise. I have used that revenue to save on travel expenses, health care for my family including dental, vision, and medical services, signs and advertising for my business, and even for a fishing charter! AOB has been good for me.

Dr. Dana Landin, Landin Chiropractic Care

We have been Art of Barter members since 1992. They have sent us all sorts of new business and always make us feel like we are their number one client. Art of Barter has always been able to help us build more trade when needed, and always helped me spent it too. We seem to never run out of what to spend our trade dollars on either. Thank you Art of Barter for all the years of great service and helping our business grow.

Warren & Ellen Schoen President, USA Wireless Cable, With DirecTV

Art of Barter has saved my business thousands of cash dollars every year since I joined in 1999. Barter is an essential part of my business. It works well for me because it's cheaper to buy things with flowers than it is with cash! I use AOB for virtually all my vehicle repair and maintenance, advertising & promotions, entertainment, and even home improvements. I highly recommend AOB.

David Lach, Enchanted Florist

When I joined AOB in 2010 it was like becoming part of a family. A family of business owners all working together as a network. I use the AOB network to get new clients and save cash for common expenses such as accounting services, hair salons, chiropractic care, clothing, auto repair, car washes, and even clothing. Art of Barter has been good for my business and could be good for your business also.

David Knoerr, Chicago Media Guys

I'm in the auto repair business. Art of Barter has been great for my business because every AOB member has at least one vehicle and every vehicle needs a mechanic sometime. AOB members come to my shop because I am in the network. I want their business so I can have more barter dollars to spend. I use AOB dollars for building repairs, garage door service, home décor, skin care, dining, game tickets, party entertainment, gifts, and more. I'm always watching because there is always something new at AOB every day. I recommend AOB because it has been good it works for me. Member since 2012.

Butch Canfield, Auto Express Care